MAPCABLE is part of the industrial section of the MAP Foundation Special Work Centre (CETMAP). The ultimate aim of CETMAP’s activities is to provide a response to the need for jobs, for social and employment inclusiveness, and for a link between people and their region.
The MAP Foundation is a non-profit organisation working since 1968 to offer the support people with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion in the Ripollès area need so they can improve their quality of life. Its services support each person throughout their life, offering care to children and teenagers, daycare, residential services, and employment. After more than 30 years, the MAPCABLE section still represents one of the economic driving force for CETMAP thanks to our commitment to become an innovative social company. The use of the latest hi-tech machinery and computerised working methods throughout the production process allows us to develop different types of projects related to electric cabling, industrial assembly, bagging and packaging. We adapt to our customers.
Our added value lies in working with our customers’ technical departments when it comes to creating new products:


Selecting the material depending on the product requirements.


Buying the raw material from the manufacturers.


Manufacturing and dispatching the cables.
MAPCABLE now consists of a team of 80 professionals distributed between the Purchasing Department, the Technical Department and the Warehouse and Transport Management Department. Collaboration between professionals from each department makes us a team capable of carrying out and managing multi-technology projects, however complex they may be.
We believe in the development of people’s abilities